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Thiago (Gianpiero Muto) was born in Brazil on September 30th 1985. He has been brought up in Canada, and is accustomed to Italian Background and is now a multi-lingual artist who is able to sing in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian. Performing since the age of 12 he has captured the attention of audiences both here and Brazil and soon will catch the attention of millions world wide. 

His devotion to music led him to record his first single when he was 15 years old entitled "NEXT TO YOU" featured on "The Return of Planet Freestyle". This was followed up with a Canadian club tour. His first single "Next To you" was added to regular rotation on Latino mix 105.7 with Mickey Garcia in New York City and was nominated as the number One requested song on the Request billboards in Holland!




Next To You was released on over 30 different CD compilations in Germany. Thiago has also had the opportunity to perform in various parts of the world such as New York City, Miami, The Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Italy! On November 11th 2005 he was chosen to perform along side one of his dance music mentors Stevie B at The Docks Entertainment Complex in Toronto. He's been in concert with numerous of dance artists including Lil Suzy, Joee, Kathy Phillips, Shannon and Italian artists such as Umberto Tozzi and Paula e Chiara. In the spring of 2006 he released his first debut album 'Premonition' which is available for purchase through iTunes!

After a small break from the music industry in 2014 Thiago came back stronger than ever teaming up with Canadian rapper EXXL and bringing to us a whole new THIAGO with his single “TILL THE DAY I DIE” On November 21st 2014 the Official music video for Till The Day I Die made its world wide premier on VEVO. Keeping suit with the latin vibe Thiago then continued to work hard in the studio and collaborated with latin sensation Tatyana D’voce and released EL MOMENTO which sky rocketed to the number one spot on Reverb nation!

2018 was a strong year for Thiago, he put together his first solo concert, but it was so much more than just a concert. It was called ONE WORLD ONE HOPE, a fundraiser for a little boy battling cancer. Thiago and local artists came together to put on an amazing show. With the help of the community and all those who attended they were able to raise $8,000 for the little one and his family. This was Thiago's ultimate accomplishment in his career and a moment he will never forget.

In November 2018 Thiago was called to open one of Florida's biggest 80's concert called "I LOVE THE 80'S" which featured artists such as C&C MUSIC FACTORY,THE ORIGINAL COVER GIRLS, EXPOSE, & LIL SUZY to name a few. The concert was held at the Miramar Amphitheatre. Thiago opened the show to over 5,000 people in attendance!!

The year 2019 promises great things for Thiago and he is just as excited to embark on this musical journey. STAY TUNED for what's next for THIAGO!!!

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